Guest blog written by, Natalina Reis

I’m stuck! Actually I’ve been stuck for a couple weeks now. The novel I’m writing is not flowing like all my others. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am seriously annoyed and depressed about it, I would laugh. I’m a pantser, who does very little planning and almost no pre-research. When it comes to this novel though, I have planned and researched up the wazoo. My male main character has a specific disability that, in order to come across half-believable, required extensive research. The female main character also needed quite a bit of research, considering she’s a modern day witch and I have no wish to offend that group of readers with totally made-up spells or beliefs.

Then why, o why, am I so stuck? The characters don’t have much chemistry and the scenes are just flat. A lot is happening, but where’s the emotion I normally put into my writing? Where’s the cheese? (Yes, I have been accused of being a cheesy writer more than once.)

I go home from work, sit with my laptop on my lap, and I stare! Literally! I just stare at the screen. If I’m lucky I’ll write a couple words, maybe a sentence or two. Argh…How can this be so hard when I’m writing about a beloved character?

Where’s my muse? What do you do when your muse is vacationing in a much nicer place than your head? It’s lonely without my muse.

About the author:

Natalina Reis wrote her first romance in collaboration with her best friend at the age of 13. Since then, she has ventured into other genres, but romance is first and foremost in almost everything she writes. She is the author of We Will Always Have the Closet (romantic suspense), Desert Jewel (romantic fantasy), and Loved You Always (rom-com).

 After earning a degree in tourism and foreign languages, she worked as a tourist guide in her native Portugal for a short time before moving to the United States. She lived in three continents and a few islands, and her knack for languages and linguistics led her to a master’s degree in education. Natalina now lives in Virginia, where she has taught English as a Second Language to elementary school children for more years than she cares to admit. She doesn’t believe you can have too many books or too much coffee. Art and dance make her happy and she is pretty sure she could survive on lobster and bananas alone. When she is not writing or stressing over lesson plans, she shares her life with her husband and two adult sons.
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