Words From a Friend by Marty KearyWords From a Friend

We are deeply honored and excited to announce the release of Words From a Friend by Marty Keary.  This book, which began as a Facebook blog, is now a daily guide that invites readers to reflect on their life, in order to live it consciously and with intention.

From Marty’s Introduction:

“I am just like you. No different. No higher and no lower. I am just a guy who heard the truth and listened. It’s easy to think that wisdom only comes from sages, doctors, holier-than-thou authorities, and people we consider to be professionals. I am none of these.

I realized that what I thought was the truth, in many areas of my life, was the result of lies of the ego. Lies I’d told myself, beliefs, and paths of others that I’d followed instead of my own, and lack of grounding in who I really am…

…I am only able to write these words every day because I’ve tested their truth in every area of my life.”

Marty is truly an inspirational man and someone who lives a purposeful life; one that is visibly fueled, by the power of love.

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