Promoting health from the inside-out | The New Sobriety

by Mayra Porrata on September 29, 2016

The New Sobriety

What if sobriety isn’t just some lame alternative to drinking?
What if it’s a gateway to unlimited possibility?


Local friend-colleague KC Carter, (along with some amazing colleagues), is launching a new program to help individuals from all walks of life connect with their true callings and yearnings. The NEW SOBRIETY is designed to help participants come into alignment with themselves, and the “miracle of their circumstances”, no matter what they may be. As KC puts it, it’s about finding out “what is consuming you?

From a community health and social norms perspective, this is definitely a conversation worth having, and one that Sunny Day Publishing is proud to support and endorse. As our understanding about health, life, and our human journey continues to expand, and we’re continually facing even more questions than answers, it behooves us to pause, and reflect on what matters most.

The NEW SOBRIETY Course objectives include:

  • Take a journey into Ruthless Self-Knowledge, to see whether or not booze jives with your unique blend of crazy. (We all have our own.)
  • Leverage The Drinks Calculator to (soberly) estimate your real and sunken costs: in time, money, and emotional rebounds. Understand where you’re starting with the 30-Day Sobriety Challenge, so we can track back in later weeks.
  • Get clear on the inspired invitation of The New Sobriety, and its potential to transform your life.
  • Learn where cravings to drink originate from, and how to redirect them into something infinitely more productive.
  • Understand how addictions keep us stuck in resistance, versus exercising our will to break free of for good.
  • Recognize your influence on those around you, in terms of your choices and habits.
  • How to see your loved ones and closest friendships in an ever-new, ever-grateful light. Moving past over-dependence and attachment in wisdom, and love.
  • Reframe your work as play, so it’s not something you necessarily want to escape from.
  • Eliminate drama from coworkers, team mates, and clients– simply by being a better version of yourself.
  • Understand the potential of sobriety in benefitting other areas of your life and work (well beyond drinking).
  • Reallocate your lost focus, passion, and time toward the impact your here to create.

To register: The NEW SOBRIETY
To find out more about KC Carter


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How a book is born | OPERATION: HELLO LOVE

by Mayra Porrata on September 28, 2016

operation-hello-loveFor the better part of 3 years, I’ve been immersed in an exploration with soul-brother and colleague, Michael Smith. Michael was first introduced to me by mutual colleagues Sue Lacy & Katie Fry.

For most of his career, Michael worked at high-levels of community engagement and meeting facilitation & production. Michael’s own company, OneCounts, has enabled over ten thousand (and potentially hundreds of thousands and hopefully millions) of voices in face-to-face meetings, and dispersed conversations to be “heard” via text polling, and other collaborative group technologies.

His unique background and travels, layered against the backdrop of the inevitable failings and hard-knocks which are an inherent and necessary part of a well-lived life, and coupled with an insatiable curiosity, led him to the most important question of our time: how can we each love more?

How can we love more? (and therefore hate and fear less)

As a mother, community health educator, and publisher, I have a vested interest in, and actively want to take part in co-creating and cultivating a culture where love, not fear, is the default mechanism for how we engage personally, and operate professionally. I know I speak for Michael, as well as many others who are affiliated with Sunny Day Publishing; we feel a sincere duty to ourselves, our children, and future generations, to work collectively to elevate human consciousness in ways that are compassionate and inclusive.

This book, OPERATION: HELLO LOVE™ will outline a simple plan to cultivate more love in yours, and others’ lives. We know, that it always starts with “us”– with the individual, but naturally, we desire to connect with, and align with those who hold the same vision for our world. Global Love Warriors™ will serve as this “home base”.

The ideas that Michael and his team are dreaming about and simmering on, are beyond my own wildest imagination. Accordingly, over the course of the next few months, Michael (and us!) plan to share some of these ideas here, as well as the ways that you can get involved in this global love movement. We hope you join us!

To join with others who share this vision:
Global Love Warriors on Instagram

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The Paradox of Peace

September 21, 2016

The work of peace can look very un-peaceful at times, and the path to personal peace, often a rocky, lonely and solitary one. Becoming peaceful requires major shifts in our thinking and doing; things like yoga, meditation and journaling become essential anchors, that safeguard the soul against the inevitable attacks from the ego. Becoming peaceful […]

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You, 2.0

September 14, 2016

Just like our phones and computers, we all benefit from updates. What kind of updates? Updating our knowledge, thoughts, beliefs, our environment, our relationships, and the people we choose to share our energy with, is an essential part of a well-lived and healthy life. Are you operating on “outdated software”? Updating our lives requires personal […]

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September 8, 2016

Designed from the heart of Crystal Pirri, and based on the work of educational revolutionaries Kristie Pretti-Frontczak and Mayra Porrata, we’re excited to announce the release of what we hope will be a “journal for everyone”. Journaling, a kind of contemplative practice, and used by creatives and professionals alike, is a method of personal development […]

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What are you missing?

September 7, 2016

My daughter came home from college for a quick visit last night. As we sat together on the couch, and caught up on her new life, I noticed something strange on her wrist; the letters “CTT” right next to her Fitbit. Curious, I asked her; “what does CTT mean?” She said: “Mom, it represents the […]

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Why do we journal?

September 2, 2016

One of my favorite classes in graduate school was Gestalt Theory. It was not only taught by one of my favorite professors, Ansel Woldt, but I learned so many wonderful methods and techniques for counseling and facilitating group work, and for understanding human beings a little better, too! One of these methods, called “self as […]

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What is your colleagues’ superpower?

August 31, 2016

This blog is very much inspired by the work of friend and colleague, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, who conducted some recent training and used the following prompt as the basis for an ice-breaker; “What is your colleagues’ superpower?” It is such a delicious question for sure, and one that not only promotes “looking for the good […]

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Join our business & heart-based community!

August 25, 2016

We’re seeking heart-based bloggers, teachers, health educators, lay educators, social workers and others interested in promoting health from the “inside out”. Is this you? Our manuscript submission guidelines outline the essentials to get you (and us!) started.  Join us!

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JUST RELEASED | Everybody Has a Present

August 24, 2016

New author, and Sunny Day Publishing “sister”, Mari Porrata made her publishing debut this week! EVERYBODY HAS A PRESENT is comprised of a collection of soulful life reflections and inspirational quotes. The book is a thoughtful resource for anyone undergoing any kind of life transition, dealing with illness, loss, or grief. The book is available […]

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