The Chubby Grasshopper and His Two Friends tells the story of a grasshopper who lost his ability to hop, and do what he most enjoyed in life.  The story was written by Kent State University Adjunct Professor of health education & promotion, Shelly Krajny when she was a doctoral student. What eventually became this book, first began as an assignment designed by Dr. Renee Axiotis, an associate professor of health education & promotion, in the School of Health Sciences at Kent State University.

What human or health issue does the book revolve around?
Overweight and obesity are major public issues which contribute to countless physical health conditions, as well as disability and premature death. The book also provides a simple yet profound glimpse at how food choices impact our health, and therefore our ability to thrive.

What community/school health issue does the book address?
This book addresses issues related to food awareness, self-regulation, mindful eating and ultimately, empowerment.

What social-emotional attributes does the book promote?
The Chubby Grasshopper & His Two Friends promotes the following social-emotional skills/attributes: attention, civility, discernment, reliance, and, self-regulation.

Where can I buy the book?
The Chubby Grasshopper & His Two Friends can be purchased directly through us (as single copies, or bulk purchased for school or agency use), or via our online BOOKSTORE.