Fragments is a real-life story that journals a 60-day period, when unbeknownst to his doctors and family members, the author discontinued medications for schizophrenia.  The story was written by Daniel-James F. Clarke, who has endured schizophrenia and bipolar disorder his entire adult life. Daniel is a US Army veteran, and holds a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology. Daniel’s late father, Dr. John F. Clarke, provides a loving and thoughtful commentary through many of the entries.

What human or health issue does the book revolve around?
This book is a personal narrative about a severe mental illness and how the author views it. Mental illness impacts 1 in 4 Americans.

What community/school health issue does the book address?
Mental illness is a prevalent public health issue. The fear and stigma around it, make it painful, and often isolating for those who suffer, as well as their families. This brave narrative offers a glimpse into a reality few of us could image, but is nonetheless very real.

What social-emotional attributes does the book promote?
Fragments is a raw and honest accounting of a human life which highlights the following attributes*: adaptability, attention, bravery, discernment, engagement, hope, reliance, resilience, responsibility, persistence, reliance, self-regulation, teamwork, and trust. (*As defined in the ESSENCE GLOSSARY™).

Where can I buy the book?
Fragments can be purchased directly through us (as single copies, or bulk purchased for school or agency use), or via our online BOOKSTORE.