Micadoo Blue is a real-life and heartwarming story of a dog in search of 3 things: a vocation, life meaning and a home.  The story was written by Kent State University Assistant Professor of health education & promotion, Amanda Burke and her partner, Vanessa.

What human or health issue does the book revolve around?
The underlying issue is a timeless one; finding life purpose, meaning and a true home. The book’s plot is, in essence, a “heroes journey” (from mythology), as we follow Micadoo through the trials and tribulations of his journey.

What community/school health issue does the book address?
At its core the book highlights how we must adapt in the face of circumstances, whether environmental or self-created, which are not in alignment with our greatest good.

What social-emotional attributes does the book promote?
Micadoo blue promotes the following social-emotional skills/attributes: adaptability, appreciation, bravery, gratitude, love, love of learning, persistence, trust as defined in the ESSENCE GLOSSARY™. All SUNNY DAY PUBLISHING children’s books carry the ESSENCE GLOSSARY™ seal of approval.

Where can I buy the book?
Micadoo Blue can be purchased directly through us (as single copies, or bulk purchased for school or agency use), or via our online BOOKSTORE.